Pressure on a nerve equals pain. Remove the pressure from the nerve and the pain gets better. Dr Wendy uses diversified adjustive techniques, Thompson drop table techniques, and Activator methods. We never set our patients up on long treatment plans.
Your care is always in your hands.


About Dr. Wendy Iszler

Dr Wendy provides chiropractic care for everyone from infants with colic and expectant mothers to seniors and everyone in between. As a wrestling, gymnastics, and dance mother, she knows the pressures of the competition season on athletes. She sponsors many athletes in the community including softball, baseball, cheerleading, and gymnastics. Additionally, her husband is in law enforcement and her son is a United States Marine which helps Dr. Wendy have a healthy respect for the armed forces and the accompanied family stresses. Dr. Wendy and her staff would like to say thank you for your service to all who have served and continue to serve today.

what we offer

We offer a thorough exam and increased patient time as well as soft tissue therapies including trigger point and post isometric relaxation techniques. We also utilize gentle and effective adjustment techniques. Dr. Wendy is board certified and a graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University. Nutritional consultation and supplements are also available.



articles & recent news

Conservative approach vs. medication for low-back pain.

Research shows, and the American Chiropractic Association agrees, that a conservative approach to managing low-back and spinal pain may be more effective than acetaminophen or other medications.