Nutrition is an important part of your body health and wellbeing. At Solutions Chiropractic, we can help you identify areas of deficiency and provide alternative suggestions for treating chronic medical conditions including:


What to expect

We will discuss issues or concerns you may have as well as any medical conditions or symptoms that you’re currently experiencing. It is sometimes helpful for you to keep a food diary when identifying nutrition-related issues.
We will work with you in making suggested changes to your diet and possibly introducing new supplements or changing supplements that you may already be taking. We will be here to offer support and guidance as needed when discussing healthy nutrition intake.


Your Best You Health with Danielle Theis

Danielle Theis is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner as well as a Transformational Nutrition Coach. She strives to identify the true causes of disease and includes lifestyle analysis and functional lab tests. Through supportive coaching and recommendations, she will help you discover Your Best You.

Solutions Chiropractic works with Danielle to offer a more complete wellness solution to your health. To learn more about what Danielle has to offer, please visit


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